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Wang Begravelsesbyrå

Transport – repatriation

Wang (funeral directors) assists many private citizens, emergency centres and embassies annually with the return of deceased persons in connection with deaths occurring in Norway or abroad. With our highly experienced staff and access to a network of funeral directors we co-operate with in Norway and abroad, we are always prepared and ready to respond and assist.


One of the most important tasks of a funeral director is to ensure the safe and problem-free transport of the deceased to the place where he or she is to be interred.

The task is often complex when great distances are involved. Wang has many years of specialised experience in dealing with all the legal and judicial matters and the practical tasks involved in such situations.

Wang has all the essential experience necessary in this specialised field, with special expertise in the expediting of caskets and urns both within Norway and to destinations abroad.

We are always available and ready to help and are always available by telephone at any hour of the day.

Death in Norway

In cases where the deceased is to be transported to his or her home country, Wang takes care of all the practical aspects where death has incurred in the Eastern Region of Norway. In the case of death in the South-West, Mid- and Northern Norway we co-operate with a number of funeral directors who execute the practicalities on our behalf.

A large volume of information must be gathered before the actual transport can take place. Wang will arrange all necessary documents and contacts with the embassies of the countries concerned. We have excellent relationships with embassies, police forces, the courts and airports and are therefore fully prepared and capable of carrying out all the practical tasks associated with the transport quickly and professionally.

Next of kin will naturally be able to meet with us to discuss all the arrangements. At this time we will also clarify whether the deceased had valid travel insurance or whether the next of kin will have to cover the costs. An estimate of all costs will be made available during the meeting.

Death abroad

Many Norwegians die abroad every year, sometimes when on holiday, other times when working abroad.

There are many Norwegians who die at typically popular holiday destinations such as Spain and Thailand, and must be returned home to Norway.

We in Wang can provide next of kin with assistance in Spain and other venues worldwide in connection with the return of the deceased to Norway.

The first thing one should do is to ascertain whether the deceased had valid travel insurance. If the name of the insurance company is not known we can assist in identifying the company. If the deceased had valid travel insurance, contact must be established with the insurer. The insurance company will then take care of all the necessary arrangements and formalities in connection with the return of the deceased to Norway. Wang can assist in establishing such contact.

If the deceased did not have travel insurance, the next of kin must pay the costs incurred in connection with the death and return of the deceased to Norway. Wang can also assist the next of kin in this situation, by amongst other things establishing contact with local funeral directors where the death incurred and establishing contact with the Norwegian Embassy or Consulate and so forth.

Please feel free to contact us for further information